What a year

I’m finally starting to get back to “normal.” My balance is improving, blood flow in the leg is much improved. I still have pain, but have been told that that may just be how it is. I love when people tell me things like…that’s just how it is.
Is it though?  Or is it just easier to say?
Air travel is a no no forever.  I’m less easy with that statement as I am with “that’s just how it is.” But, since we don’t know what caused the clotting in the first place and since I still have a rather large blood clot in my vein that who knows what added pressure in a cabin would do…I’m grounded.
But you know what that means?  I get to travel by ship, and I really enjoyed the cruise I was on with the fam in 2011. And, it also means I get to make a trip I’ve wanted to since I was a child. Trans Atlantic cruise to get to the British Isles.  From there, I’ll take the train or drive through Europe. I’m just throwing this out to the universe that I am ready to be able to make that kind of trip.
I have also come to the realization that I am ready to be happy, the kind of happiness that gets you resonating with the world around you, and gets you in tune with the universe and makes your toes curl.  And why shouldn’t I be?

That’s the update.  It’s been awhile.  I’m going to post again later today after I’ve made dinner.  Do a good old fashioned food post.  It’s sloppy joe’s tonight.  Woot!

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