That little thing called LIFE!

In the spirit of Randomness, I did a You Tube Search for “Crazy” and that seemed like an appropriate video.  Never hear the song before, but hey…Random!

I have had no time to sit down the past couple of days and download my thoughts.  On the bright side, that means I haven’t had time to get up to any shenanigans either.  Um…wait, when did I turn into that mature person, who thinks shenanigans are bad?  I need to get out more.
That also means I’ve had no time to get the new domain set up, which makes me slightly cranky, but I’m going to need IT’s help with it anyways, and he’s been extra busy the past few days too.

It’s my hope, that I’ll get everything moved over to the new domain this week, but no promises.  I’m working right up until Friday, and then fun and frivolity for a week begins.  So…on the long side, a couple of weeks.  The impatient person in my head says NO!  But…life.

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