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I’m all over the place in my thoughts tonight/this morning.  I started thinking I wanted to blog about reading tonight, then it turned into music.  Now I’m just a ramblin’ man.

When I think about the love of reading that was instilled in me as a small child, it almost makes me weep to have met so many people that don’t share that love, and aren’t big readers.  I have a couple of friends/aquaintances/co-workers who spend most of their time skimming through things like Reddit, and online meme blog things.  I’m not as interweb savvy as I could be I suppose, but I don’t think of it as a bad thing.  I cringe when I think that there is a whole chunk of a generation that has little to no actual social interaction outside of say a workplace.  Even schools now are allowing students to bring smartphones, tablets, music players etc, and encouraging them in the classroom.  As long as they have a calculator. 

I know I’m getting older, I know I’m from a different era.  Calculators weren’t even allowed in school until you started doing things like Calculus and Algebra…in high school.  Cell phones were just starting to make an appearance on the scene, and if you were caught with one on school premises, it was confiscated.  Times are changing.  And I once vowed I’d never be “that guy” that criticized the changes of subsequent generations.  But the more I look around, at times, all I want, is to be “that guy” 

I grew up in a very opinionated environment, where everything I and my friends did, were highly criticized and frowned upon.  And perhaps that’s just the lot in life when you’re young and learning who you are.  And I’m becoming more and more critical as I age.  It’s almost like I hit 40 and a button was pressed.  Hell who am I kidding? That button was pressed when I hit 36. LOL  I guess as we mature and age we begin to worry more about the world we left in our wake, and how the current generation is going to cope. How are they going to deal with the mess that I and those of my generation left behind.?

Let’s face it, the 80’s was a time of mad excess, the adults around us consumed, destroyed, whored the environment.  It’s a mess.  Then came the “gauze” phase, not to be confused my Goth phase.  Where more and more people bitched about influences surrounding young people, and how they had to be sheltered from certain things.  Don’t get me wrong, I wish I had been sheltered from a lot of the crap I witnessed and had to survive.  So it’s not a bad thing wanting to protect.  But I think in some instances, maybe we went to far.  Political Correctness became a joke.  Suddenly serious things became trendy, and it’s almost like you weren’t cool if you didn’t have a nut allergy or something.
The world has changed so much in 40 years.  As I’m sure everyone facing the the road leading up to 50 has felt for the past couple hundred generations.

I guess maybe this was just a rambling post about getting older and being cranky about it?
All will be understood when I turn 42.  I’m sure of it.  LOL

How’s that for random rambling?  I think I posted something about reading in there…but nothing about music at all.

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