Am I?

You have to love it when someone says Oh god, he’s using hashtags save us all.  Kinda makes me feel like maybe I’m perceived as a relic?  LOL

I like to believe I’m aging gracefully.  Sure some days it feels like I’m maybe falling down the stairs gracefully but hey, you’ve got to have some fun right?  I decided I needed to get Instagram, because it’s what all the kids are doing.  Sometimes I’m such a follower of trends.  Now I’ve been called out on my twitter account, the one that I only post to from here, Pintrest, and now Instagram.  I had no idea I had over 800 tweets.  Not bad for 7 years of work right?  I didn’t say I followed the trends very quickly.


It’s bad enough I’m treated like a relic at work by the new kid we hired.  And by kid, really I mean the 23 year old.  He’s a good egg, but sometimes the words that come out of his mouth…generational gap much?  I think it’s important that we embrace change, and keep up with what’s happening. Otherwise we will become relics…irrelevant relics…irrelicant?  Ok, I need to stop just making up words.  That one was bad, even by my standards.  I turn 45 in a couple of weeks.  I’ve lived through 9 US presidents, including the current one, 9 Canadian Prime Ministers (I’m bi-national) 1 Queen, long may she reign…A cold war, a desert war, a war on drugs…I’ve seen the evolution of telecommunication from rotary dial right through smart phones.  I’ve owned video game systems from the original Atari 2600 through the WiiU.  So yeah, I’ve seen a lot.  And I plan on seeing a lot more, and remaining as current as possible.  I refuse to get stuck in one decade, dreaming of fonder days gone by.  My music tastes have always been…I love everything.. Except Bluegrass, and some of that new crap where people pretend they have ironic accents.  I can’t even describe what I think they sound like.

Stay young folks, if not physically then mentally.  That’s my sage wisdom for today.


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