Happy Whatever you do or don’t celebrate this time of year!

This time, I’ve had a semi legitimate excuse for not posting.  40 days ago, I was admitted to hospital for a Deep Vein Thrombosis, and Pulmonary Embolism.  I was first released from hospital on November 29th, then had a second occurence on December 9th.  This is called Post Thrombotic Syndrome, and I’ve been told to stay off my feet and not sit upright for long periods of time until further notice.  It really put a different spin on things for me.  I had blood clots in my lungs and I’ve still got a huge one in my leg.  I’m lucky to be here.

On the bright side, it does mean that I’ve had more time to spend with the chillins.  And this time of year, that’s really important to me. I’m blessed to still be here, and need to remember that, and not get too bummed out by the fact that 23 hours and 15 minutes a day, I am in bed.

Stay Healthy,

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