31 Day Challenge – 20 Facts About Me

Fail on doing this properly.  It’s been a couple of days since my first post in this challenge.  Ah well, better late than never, and it’s been a week of challenges.  So, here’s day 2.

1. Hair Colour – Brown with streaks of silver (I refuse to call it grey)
2. Eye Colour – Brown for the most part, unless I’m angry, then they lighten.
3. Job – Sales for an independent audio video specialty retailer.
4. Age – 41
5. Mental Age – 21
6. Birth Town – Chicago Heights, Illinois, USA
Gosh this is harder than it first appeared.
7. Favourite Band – Lacuna Coil
8. Favourite Food – Pizza
9. Last time I laughed – 3 hours ago
10. Last time I cried – Last night
11. Favourite Colour – Green
12. Favourite Superhero – Marvel: Iron Man DC: Green Lantern
13. Favourite Number – 13
14. Grew up in multiple locations across N. America.
15. First job was cleaning computer tapes the summer before I turned 14.
16. Spent 2 summers clearing 20 acres of trees to make room for grazing animals.
17. I can drive both Standard and Automatic transmissions.
18. I used to be scared of clowns but a certain 7 year old cured me of that.
19. I get extremely upset when my routine is thrown off.
20. I can play Trumpet, Saxophone, Piano and Accordian.

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