30 Days of Gratitude: Post 1

Mood: Meh
Listening To: Hedley – Old School
Word of the Day: Meatloaf

A friend and I are doing a 30 days of Gratitude thing right now. And I decided that instead of just sharing it on Facebook, I’d do it on my blog as well.

I have a lot in my life to be really thankful for. I have a wonderful family, a great mix of friends, health, a roof over my head, a bed to sleep in, food in my belly.

When we do this challenge we generally nail it down to 3 things that day we’re really grateful for. Today I’m finding it hard to do just 3. So maybe on here, I’ll just put the things that come to mind that day.

1. Family – I live with the best family anyone could ever ask for. I’m lucky in that I have a family around me, that gets me. That understands me, and backs me in the things I do in life.
2. Silly Friends – At 39, you’d think I’d outgrown the silly phase. Heck no, I think as I get older, I get sillier. Maybe it’s just early onset insanity, but I have great friends that I can be silly with.
3. Music – How can someone be thankful for music you might ask? I am. No matter what I am going through at any given moment, music surrounds me. It lifts me up, it gives me energy, it fuels my emotions, it balances me, and ultimately, just makes me happy.

Like I said, I have a tonne of things to be thankful for. Tonight, I’ll leave it as those 3 as the start of the next 30 days.

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